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Jet Set Willy II: The Map

Open double quote Right! . . . . This is the adventure of MINER WILLY retold. This time the truth is out. Strange things did happen to Willy when he explored his huge mansion. This time no expense has been spared in allowing you to recreate the magical escapade of Willy on his travels. All you need is stamina and guts to overcome the seemingly impossible odds . . Developed from an original idea by Matthew-JET-SET-Smith. . . .Programmed by D.P.Rowson. . . . . . . THE FINAL FRONTIER Close double quote

Jet Set Willy II is a platform game for the ZX Spectrum, spread over many rooms. The Overview shows all the rooms at half size, with diagonal lines and a red floor to mimic the layout of the Cartography Room. The full-size map is divided into eight pages: The Central Map; The East Map; The West Map; The Map of the Sewers; Space Map; Map of the Teleport Zone; The Cartography Room; and The Central Cavern.

There is a recommended route, though in practice the game is too difficult to complete without using an emulator, or, unsatisfactorily, some form of cheating.

The programmers speak! Both Steve Wetherill (in February 2006) and Derrick P. Rowson (in October 2010 and August 2013) have emailed some comments on the enlarging of Willy’s mansion. We are honoured. Obviously, we would be further honoured if Matthew-JET-SET-Smith were to email any amplifications or disagreements he might have, or even just a friendly “hello”. (Author’s contact information.)

In November 2016 a new updated version of JSW2 was sent by Derrick P. Rowson.

YouTube has videos of people playing JSW2, including a video by Geoff Neil (who also has done a JSW walkthrough), and by RZX Archive. There is also a music video by the British IBM.

Also hosted here is a page by Paul Equinox Collins describing the BBC Micro version of Jet Set Willy II.

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