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Julian D. A. Wiseman, sketched by Jun-Pierre Shiozawa
Sketched by Jun-Pierre Shiozawa, May 2021. (The previous image was as-of May 2014.)

The Author


Email = username “jdaw1” (the last character of which is the digit one, not the letter el) at the domain name “”.


The author commenced employment in the financial markets in 1992, since when he has worked for J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse First Boston, the Bank of England, The Rohatyn Group (an emerging-market hedge fund in New York), and Société Générale in London. From 2013 to 2016 the author developed a complete solution to the Lɪʙᴏʀ problem, which alas didn’t sell. Then from 2016 to 2019 the author was a strategist at Rokos Capital Management; from 2019 at Symmetry Investments.


The author has written two books.

Pricing Money: A Beginner’s Guide to Money, Bonds, Futures and Swaps, was published by Wiley in 2001. In November 2019 the full text was published at, in HTML, as A4 PDF, as 8½″×11″ PDF. Paper copies might still be available from,,, and other bookshops: cite ISBN 978-0-471-48700-5.

Port Vintages is the definitive reference to old Vintage Port. The second edition is distributed by the Académie du Vin Library.


Circle of Wine Writers

My favourite hobby is the tasting and drinking of Port, especially bottle-aged. In March 2016 the author was admitted into the Confraria do Vinho do Porto “as an Honorary Confrade with the rank of Cavaleiro (Knight).”

In July 2019 the author was admitted as a member of the Circle of Wine Writers.


The author is British and lives in London. He is married to Mrs MaryAnne Wiseman, née Shiozawa, a chiropractor formerly practising in Manhattan, and now practising in Streatham. They have three children, Sophia, Maximilian, and Anastasia, born in 2006, 2009, and 2011.

Elsewhere on the web

The author’s usual digital handle is “jdaw1”, as used on Twitter twitter and

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