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Jet Set Willy II: Space Map

Top-west platform of Beam me Down Spotty teleports to Teleport; top-east platform teleports to The Bathroom. Maria in Space Banned (Flower) Power Source Star Drive (Early Brick Version)
Beam me Down Spotty Captain Slog Alienate? Ship's Computer MAIN LIFT 1 Phaser Power Sickbay Foot Room Someone Else
Teleports from Beam me Up Spotty arrive on lower-west platform; from Deserted Isle arrive on lower-east platform. Defence System MAIN LIFT 2 The TROUBLE with TRIBBLES is...
Photon Tube MAIN LIFT 3 Cartography Room Docking Bay NCC 1501 Aye 'Appen Shuttle Bay
↑ The Cartography Room changes as Willy wonders around the mansion; see this detailed description, and also comments from progammers Steve Wetherill and Derrick P. Rowson. Rocket Room ←↑ Arrive at the Docking Bay from the Rocket Room.

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