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Jet Set Willy II: The Cartography Room

Unlike most other rooms in Willy’s mansion, the Cartography Room changes as one visits other rooms. (Also, The Yacht is changed by the Trip Switch.) The appearance of each block in the Cartography Room is triggered by visiting a particular room. The block is green if all the items in its room have been collected, and solid red if there are items uncollected.

Cartography Room

This configuration is the result of travelling to the Cartography Room via the Back Stairway, on the way collecting only the objects in the Rocket Room.

If one visits many rooms, collecting few objects, it is possible that the route across the Cartography Room can become barred.

Cartography Room

This configuration results from taking a less obvious short route to the Cartography Room: The BathroomTo The Kitchen / Main Stairway, along the upper level of Megaron, up the east wall and jumping from the top of I mean, even I dont believe this onto the rope in We must peform a Quirkafleeg, and from there directly to the Cartography Room, taking a time of 0:03:51. Alternatively, one could travel via the Study, the Library, and The Chapel.

Cartography Room

This configuration is the result of taking the easiest route that allows collection of the item in the Cartography Room: The BathroomTo The Kitchen / Main StairwayThe Security Guard. There fall through the stairway into Highway to Hell, then return west, climbing the ramp in The Hall and using using the ladder in the middle of Ballroom East to ascend to the top level. From there go east to collect the object in The Front Door, and return west to To The Kitchen / Main Stairway jumping over the poisonous thing onto the stairway. Continue west to Back Stairway, and then diagonally east and up to Nomen Luni, east to We must peform a Quirkafleeg, up to The Watch TowerRocket RoomDocking Bay and finally the Cartography Room. That route is easy enough to be done without saving the machine state, and can be done (probably with some saving of the machine state) in 0:07:04.

Cartography Room

This is the Cartography Room as it appears when following the recommended route for the completion of Jet Set Willy II. The red square is The Bathroom, from which the tap has not been collected. Observe that the block representing the Cartography Room itself is green not red.

The two holes, rooms not yet visited but surrounded by visited rooms, are the Master Bedroom and the Swimming Pool.

Cartography Room

Starting at the previous state, exit east and then re-enter. This shows that the block for the Cartography Room then becomes correctly coloured. Russ Juckes explains why:

On entering any room, the game places a green block in the Cartography Room. Typically one isn't in the Cartography Room, so can't see this. On exiting the room, the game examines whether any objects remain, and if one or some do, the green block is modified to become red. So, the first time the Cartography Room is entered it has not yet been exited, and hence the block is green. If one exits and re-enters, the exiting causes the block to become red (assuming that the object remains uncollected). Though this actually happens every time a room is entered, the effect is only seen in the Cartography Room. It is not known whether this Cartography-Room effect was intended.

Cartography Room

If one isn’t playing the game, it eventually starts a ‘tour’ mode, giving a brief preview of each of the rooms. This shows the Cartography Room as it appears in the tour, the ninety-ninth room to be shown. Blocks represent rooms already previewed.

Cartography Room

This shows a completed Cartography Room, with all the objects collected except the tap in The Bathroom, which is therefore still red. Below is an enlarged and annotated copy of this screen.

The Cartography Room, completed and annotated

The following graphic shows a completed Cartography Room, annotated to show which blocks represent which rooms.

Cartography Room, completed and annotated

It seems that some rooms are not represented by blocks in the Cartography Room:

(The author thanks Paul Joyce and Stu Adnett for information and help with the Cartography Room.)

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