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Jet Set Willy II: Central Map

Game starts in The Bathroom. Scroll across Rocket Room Rocket flies to the Docking Bay
Scroll down It is not possible to traverse Nomen Luni from east to west—Willy cannot descend safely from the three-block shelf at the upper-middle west. It is possible, though not useful, to jump from the top of I mean, even I dont believe this onto the rope in We must peform a Quirkafleeg.↓→↓ The Watch Tower Belfry
Nomen Luni On The Roof Up On The Battlements We must peform a Quirkafleeg I'm sure I've seen this before.. Rescue Esmerelda On Top Of The House
Conservatory Roof Under The Roof The Attic Hero Worship I mean, even I dont believe this ] Emergency Power Generator Priest's Hole
Above The West Bedroom West Wing Roof The Orangery A bit of Tree Master Bedroom Top Landing Macaroni Ted Dumb Waiter The Bathroom Half Way Up The East Wall
West Bedroom West Wing Swimming Pool Banyan Tree Nightmare Room First Landing Study Library The Chapel East Wall Base
Back Door Back Stairway Cold Store West of Kitchen The Kitchen To The Kitchen / Main Stairway Megaron Butlers Pantry Ballroom West Ballroom East To
Tool Shed The Wine Cellar Forgotten abbey Trip Switch Willy's lookout Sky Blue Pink Potty Pot Plant Rigor Mortis Crypt Decapitare To
↑↑ The top of the rope in the Cold Store leads to Main Entrance (The Sewer). Wonga'S Spillage Tray Willy's Bird Bath Seedy Hole The Zoo Pit Gear On
In T' Rat Hole Down T' Pit
Water Supply
Dinking Vater ?

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