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Jet Set Willy II: A Route

JSW2's animated home-page sequence



Below is a suggested route for completing Jet Set Willy II, retrieving all the retrievable items. The item count is as of leaving the room, rather than as of entry. Likewise for the times, though it is possible to improve on these, at least a bit. (The maps show how the rooms appear the first time they are entered when following this route. This is most obvious in The Front Door and Defence System.)

In August 2004 the author wrote as follows:

The author will buy dinner for the first three people that can prove that they have collected all the objects, and visited the Well, the Entrance To Hades, Without A Limb, and Oh $#!+!The Central Cavern!, in a time a least a minute faster than 1:19:42. Collection must be in person

The run-through below beat that target by a fair margin, breaching 1¼ hours, so the new challenge (autumn 2005), with the same prize, is 1:14:00, less than a minute faster than this author’s best of 1:14:50. Good luck. ••• As of 28th February 2017 the prize has been claimed by Daniel Gromann, with a very impressive time of 1:06:44 (rzx). •••

Making the run-through below required multiple saves of the machine state. Somewhat belatedly (August 2013) these have been uploaded. The file, even though double-compressed, is still 6.9Mb. The names of the innermost files are game times. Enjoy. Let me know how you do.

From The Bathroom to the Trip Switch

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
The Bathroom00:071Leave tap; exit lowest level. (Collecting the tap before the end costs 2 seconds, and The Bathroom’s red square makes a fine ornament in the Cartography Room.)
Dumb Waiter00:192See Steve Wetherill’s and Derrick P. Rowson’s comments about this room.
Macaroni Ted00:373Climb to middle level. Also see Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room.
Dumb Waiter01:053Collect items; jump up a level. Can be done 4 seconds faster.
Macaroni Ted01:173Stay on top level.
Top Landing01:404It would be 2 seconds faster to delay the collection of this object until the last opportunity, en route to the Master Bedroom. Until when stay on the ground floor of Macaroni Ted.
First Landing01:515 
To The Kitchen / Main Stairway02:206 
The Kitchen02:327 
West of Kitchen02:448Stay on lowest level.
Cold Store02:599Collect top 2 items; exit upper west.
Back Stairway03:1110 
Back Door03:1911 
Tool Shed04:0112 
Back Door04:0912 
Back Stairway04:1312 
The Wine Cellar05:441314  
Forgotten abbey06:341415  
Trip Switch07:541516 See Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room.

The Trip Switch to the megatree

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Willy's lookout08:061616 See Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room.
Sky Blue Pink08:181716  
Potty Pot Plant08:291816 To middle level — don’t miss the jump.
Sky Blue Pink08:401816  
Willy's lookout09:131816 To lowest level.
Sky Blue Pink09:251816  
Potty Pot Plant09:271817 Collect item.
Sky Blue Pink09:391817 Jump west on exit.
Willy's lookout09:461817 Drop from the west side of the second-eastmost support on lowest level.
Wonga'S Spillage Tray10:102118 See Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room. The random capitalisation is explained by Steve Wetherill’s and Derrick Rowson’s comments about typographical errors.
Willy's Bird Bath10:262118 See Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room,…
Seedy Hole10:422119 this one,…
The Zoo10:582220 and this one.
Rigor Mortis11:072320  
Potty Pot Plant11:182320  
Rigor Mortis11:502322 Guardians move when objects collected.
Pit Gear On12:472524 Can be done 10 seconds faster. See Steve Wetherill’s comment about this and the next two rooms.
In T' Rat Hole13:002624  
Down T' Pit13:112724 Exit by walking into west side of hole in floor.
Water Supply13:142824 Walk west whilst falling to ledge, and, as a diversion, lose a life…
Well13:222924 by falling thrice through here…
Dinking Vater ?13:253024 to here. Also see Steve Wetherill’s and Derrick P. Rowson’s comments about this and the previous room.
Down T' Pit13:403025  
In T' Rat Hole13:563026  
Pit Gear On14:153026  
Crypt14:403026 Switch lengthens guardian’s path.
Decapitare14:583126 See Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room.
Money Bags15:363236  
The Security Guard15:373336  
Highway to Hell16:133437  
Entrance To Hades16:143537 Diversion: lose a life.
Highway to Hell17:133537  
The Security Guard17:253537  
The Drive17:263637  
Under The Drive17:403737  
Tree Root18:133839  
Under The Drive18:313839 Can be done 2 seconds faster.
The Drive18:353839  
At The Foot Of The Megatree18:513941 Collect westmost 2 objects.

The megatree to the sewers

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Inside The Megatree19:094041  
Tree Top19:334144  
Out On A Limb20:164246  
Without A Limb20:194346 See Derrick P. Rowson’s comment about this room. Diversion: lose a life…
The Front Door20:224446 by falling through here…
The Security Guard20:234446 to here.
Out On A Limb20:334446 Drop from east side of lowest leaf.
On A Branch Over The Drive20:574547  
Inside The Megatree21:124547  
Cuckoo's Nest21:294648 It is possible to walk through the nest on the same level as the platform, and then by jumping east collect the object Under The Megatree, at the cost of a life.
Inside The Megatree21:374648  
At The Foot Of The Megatree21:384648  
Inside The Megatree21:384648  
At The Foot Of The Megatree21:474648  Exit east on top level.
Under The Megatree22:184749  
At The Foot Of The Megatree22:354749  Exit east on ground level.
Under The Megatree22:474749  
The Bridge23:014849 Jump immediately before exiting east.
Garden23:454950 See Derrick P. Rowson’s comments about this room.
The Off Licence24:285062 Jump when exiting west. Can be done in 39 seconds, 4 seconds faster.
The Bridge24:545062  
Under The Megatree25:065062  
At The Foot Of The Megatree25:245063  
The Drive25:375063  
The Security Guard25:495063  
The Front Door25:505063  
The Hall26:025163  
Ballroom East26:185263  
Ballroom West26:425370 Exit west by climbing ramp.
Butlers Pantry27:145485  
To The Kitchen / Main Stairway27:415585  
The Kitchen27:535585  
West of Kitchen28:055585  
Cold Store28:175585  

The sewers to the Deserted Isle

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Main Entrance (The Sewer)28:315685 See Steve Wetherill’s and Derek Rowson’s comments about the sewers.
Holt Road28:395785  
Mega Hill29:005886  
Holt Road29:085886  
Holt Road29:585991  
Main Entrance (The Sewer)30:155991  
Nasties30:346091 Exit east on ground level.
Main Entrance (The Sewer)30:356092  
In The Drains31:266193 From top water tank exit upper east.
The Outlet31:516293  
In The Drains32:246294  
The Outlet32:436294  
The Beach33:056395  
The Yacht33:176495  
The Bow33:336595 See Derrick P. Rowson’s comments about The Bow.
The Yacht33:376595 Leave object; exit middle west.
The Bow33:516596 Collect item and exit on lowest level.
The Yacht34:156597 Collect item by following saw and turning quickly.
Deserted Isle36:336698 Collect item; wait; walk east; without jumping walk west until hidden teleport.

The teleport zone

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Beam me Down Spotty36:546798 Teleport from upper-west platform.
Teleport37:3868100 See Steve Wetherill’s comment about these rooms.
Galactic Invasion37:5569100  
INCREDIBLE -38:1270100  
- BIG HOLE -38:2471100  
- IN THE GROUND38:4772100 Very difficult to do without loss of life: stop and jump just before the conveyor.
- BIG HOLE -38:5872100 Drop through west side of hole.
The Hole with No Name39:1973101 Via ground level to hidden upper-east exit.
Secret passage39:3174101 Your Spectrum (Issue 18, September 1985) claimed that it is possible to reach the top of Secret passage. If you learn how (other than by POKE 30436,205), please tell the author. Also see Derrick P. Rowson’s comment about this room.
The Hole with No Name39:3374104  
Secret passage39:4574104  
The Hole with No Name40:0274104 Quicker to use only west elevator.
- BIG HOLE -40:0374104  
INCREDIBLE -40:1274104  
- BIG HOLE -40:2474104 Jump when exiting east.
- IN THE GROUND40:2674104  
- BIG HOLE -40:3974104  
INCREDIBLE -40:5274105  
- BIG HOLE -41:0574105 Jump when exiting east.
- IN THE GROUND41:1874105  
Loony Jet Set41:4675107 The middle and upper levels are connected by invisible ramps. Also see Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room,…
Eggoids41:5976107 and this one.
Beam me Up Spotty42:3877110  
Beam me Down Spotty43:0077110 Teleport from upper-east platform.
The Bathroom43:1477110 Leave tap.

Library via The East Wall to The Attic

RoomTime RoomsItems       Notes
Dumb Waiter43:2677110  
Macaroni Ted43:3877110 Jump when Willy’s toes touch the right-hand edge of the ‘T’.
Top Landing43:4277110  
First Landing43:5777110 Exit east.
Study44:0978110 Jump on the ‘d’.
The Chapel45:0280111  
Ballroom West45:0480111  
Ballroom East45:2180111  
The Hall45:3380111 In the original Jet Set Willy, appropriately POKEd, this level of this room contains an invisible object. But not in JSW2.
The Front Door45:4180112  
The Hall45:5380112  
Ballroom East46:0780112  
East Wall Base46:2981112  
Half Way Up The East Wall46:4782112  
Priest's Hole47:1583113  
Emergency Power Generator47:2884113  
]47:4085113 It is possible, though not useful, to reach the diagonal. Also see Steve Wetherill’s comment about the camel.
I mean, even I dont believe this48:0786114 Exit west on upper level. It is possible, though not useful, to jump from the top onto the rope in We must peform a Quirkafleeg. Also see Steve Wetherill’s comment about this and the next room.
Hero Worship48:2287115 Exit west on upper level.
The Attic48:3488115 No need to wait for the second arrow: just go.

The West Wing

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Under The Roof48:4789115  
Conservatory Roof48:5490115  
The Orangery48:5891115  
West Wing Roof49:1892119 Collect items on lower level.
West Wing49:3193119 Exit west.
West Bedroom49:4094119 Climb ladder in middle. The intricate west climb is redundant in JSW2: presumably a remnant of the original JSW.
Above The West Bedroom49:4495119 Exit east.
West Wing Roof49:4695119  
Above The West Bedroom49:5595120 Exit top east.
West Wing Roof50:0795120  
The Orangery50:0995120  
West Wing Roof50:1095120  
West Wing50:1595120  
Back Stairway50:2995120 Exit east one level above ground.
Cold Store50:4895122 Collect lower two items.
West of Kitchen51:0095122  
The Kitchen51:1495122 Up one level.
West of Kitchen51:2995122 Up one level.
The Kitchen51:4695122 Up one level.
West of Kitchen51:5795122  
Banyan Tree52:0996123  
Nightmare Room53:0297124  
Banyan Tree53:1597124  
A bit of Tree53:2898124  
Under The Roof53:4098124 Jump on exit west.
Conservatory Roof53:4698128  
The Orangery54:1998131 Exit up.
Conservatory Roof54:2798131  
Under The Roof54:3098131  

The Roof

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Nomen Luni54:4899131  
On The Roof55:06100132  
Up On The Battlements55:19101133  
We must peform a Quirkafleeg55:30102133 “Quirkafleeg”? Originally a reference to a scene in a comic strip (as in “it’s the Abba-Dabba Yucca-Ducca Hifalutin Hoochy-Doochy and His Merry Men”); later Groggs jargon. Also note mis-spelling of “peform”, explained by Steve Wetherill’s and Derrick Rowson’s comments about typographical errors.
I'm sure I've seen this before..55:45103134  
Rescue Esmerelda55:57104134 According to this YouTube video (04:11 video time, 04:01 game time), in the Amstrad’s Jet Set Willy one can jump from Rescue Esmerelda to The Off Licence. Not in the Spectrum version — though one can fall to the Emergency Power Generator.
On Top Of The House56:16105135  
Rescue Esmerelda56:17105137  
Belfry57:19106138 Willy may jump through the ropes. Also see Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room.
Rescue Esmerelda57:32106138  
I'm sure I've seen this before..57:45106138  
We must peform a Quirkafleeg57:54106138 If one jumps from the top, it is possible for Willy to become trapped in the wall of the The Watch Tower.
The Watch Tower58:23107142  
Rocket Room58:30108144 Rocket takes off once objects are collected. The clock stops whilst the rocket flies — presumably a relativistic effect.

Space (East)

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Docking Bay58:36109144 Exit east on lowest level. Also see Steve Wetherill’s comment about these rooms.
NCC 150158:52110145 “NCC 1501”? One of the Federation spaceships in Star Trek.
Docking Bay59:04110145 Exit east on top level.
NCC 150159:20110146 Jump when exiting west.
Docking Bay59:31110146 Exit east on middle level.
NCC 150159:47110146  
Aye 'Appen1:00:05111148 Jump onto rope, then immediately jump west from it.
Shuttle Bay1:00:21112148  
The TROUBLE with TRIBBLES is...1:01:19113148  
Someone Else1:02:11114150  
Maria in Space1:02:20115150 Exit on upper level.
Banned1:02:43116151 Jump over periscope is difficult but possible.
(Flower) Power Source1:03:05117151 Stay on upper levels, leave item.
Star Drive (Early Brick Version)1:04:01118153 To exit, start from middle platform on east side, and keep jumping and walking west.
(Flower) Power Source1:04:33118154 Drop to lowest level and collect item.
Maria in Space1:04:54118154  
Someone Else1:05:06118154 Walk into east side of hole.
The TROUBLE with TRIBBLES is...1:05:17118154  
Shuttle Bay1:05:29118154 Fast time requires careful positioning of exit from The TROUBLE with TRIBBLES is....
Aye 'Appen1:05:44118154 Exit west on top level.
NCC 15011:05:56118154 Jump when exiting west.
Docking Bay1:06:13118156  

Space (West)

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Cartography Room1:06:27119157 Also see the screen dump of the current state of this room; and Derrick P. Rowson’s comment about this room.
MAIN LIFT 31:07:10120159 On exit stand on west of lift, walking west.
MAIN LIFT 21:07:15121159  
Defence System1:07:15122159  
Photon Tube1:07:18123160  
MAIN LIFT 31:07:25123160  
Photon Tube1:07:46123161  
MAIN LIFT 31:08:05123161  
MAIN LIFT 21:08:13123161 Stand east of lift.
MAIN LIFT 11:08:25124161 Exit east.
Phaser Power1:08:37125163 Exit upper east.
Sickbay1:08:50126163 Leave item; cross on middle level.
Foot Room1:09:24127164 Collect only top item, as foot comes down when both items have been collected. Also see Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room.
Foot Room1:09:47127165  
Sickbay1:10:04127166 Collect item; exit upper level.
Phaser Power1:10:17127166  
MAIN LIFT 11:10:31127167 Stay on top level.
Ship's Computer1:10:33128168  
MAIN LIFT 11:10:41128168 Drop to middle level.
Ship's Computer1:10:42128168  
MAIN LIFT 11:10:45128169  
Ship's Computer1:10:57128169 Drop through centre hole.
Defence System1:11:20128170  
Ship's Computer1:11:20128170  
Alienate?1:11:43129171 Collect east object by following guardian; exit west on middle platform.
Captain Slog1:12:04130172 Exit east on lower platform.
Alienate?1:12:17130173 Collect west object; exit west on bottom platform.
Captain Slog1:12:36130174 Jump on the ‘n’.
Beam me Down Spotty1:12:54130174 Teleport from upper-east platform.
The Bathroom1:13:09130174 Leave tap.

To Bed

RoomTimeRoomsItems       Notes
Dumb Waiter1:13:21130174  
Macaroni Ted1:13:33130174 Jump when Willy’s toes touch the right-hand edge of the ‘T’.
Top Landing1:13:45130174 Jump at last moment to avoid hole.
Master Bedroom1:14:04131174  
    On autopilot…1:14:50131175 and en route collecting the tap from The Bathroom.
Oh $#!+!The Central Cavern! 132175 Unplayable. Also see Steve Wetherill’s comment about this room.

↓ Not visited

Room      Notes
Swimming Pool   No item; no need.
cheat   Cannot be accessed with unhacked game. Also see Steve Wetherill’s and Derrick P. Rowson’s comments about this room.

Julian D. A. Wiseman
September & October 2005 (and subsequent amendments)

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