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Jet Set Willy II: Map of Teleport Zone

Teleport Galactic Invasion INCREDIBLE - - BIG HOLE - - IN THE GROUND Loony Jet Set Eggoids Beam me Up Spotty
Arrive at top-west of Teleport from top-west platform of Beam me Down Spotty. Arrive at west side of The Hole with No Name from east side of Secret passage.→ The Hole with No Name Secret passage ↑ Invisible ramps connect the middle and upper levels of Loony Jet Set.

← East side of Secret passage leads to west side of The Hole with No Name.

Your Spectrum (Issue 18, September 1985) claimed that it is possible to reach the top of Secret passage. If you learn how (other than by POKE 30436,205), please tell the author.
Upper-east of Beam me Up Spotty teleports to lower-west platform of Beam me Down Spotty.

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