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Jet Set Willy II: Updated, by Derrick P. Rowson

JSW2+, Title Page (Yellow)
JSW2+, Unrestrained
JSW2+, Present wrapping room
JSW2+, Glitch in Holodeck 75
JSW2+, Experiment X
JSW2+, The secret lab
JSW2+, Title Page (31st Edition, Yellow)

On 11th November 2016 an email was received Derrick P. Rowson. Enclosed in the email was a new version of JSW2 called JSW2+. Derrick P. Rowson explained:

I have spent the last two months rewriting a program called JSW2. I say the last two months but it might have been longer. It certainly feels it. This version is for people who found the game far too difficult. It addresses some of the known problems. The fixes of which caused just as many problems. I hope I have removed those new problems as well as trying out some ideas. This is the only update I plan on doing.

Some of the changes…

  1. Sprite routine changed to permit the reformatting of horizontal sprite data. This permits them to be used vertically. See the Cartography Room.

  2. Start room is now the Cartography Room.

  3. Expansion of number of permissible sprites from 8+Willy to 12+Willy; go right from the Cartography Room to see what this looks like. First four sprites on the left of this room generated from horizontal sprite data.

  4. Sprite routine changed to permit in code generation of reverse sprite definition. This only occurs in one room “Forgotten Abbey” the room will look the same, but the reverse sprites are generated by code… This routine needs far too much data to be changed for this to be implemented across all the sprite data. It is in the game but apart from the one test implementation is not used.

  5. The end game room has now be made playable. And it also has collapsing floors.

  6. The moving floor routine has been extensively changed to permit more variation.

  7. The flashing border and the screech on the title page removed.

  8. A routine to stop reoccurring death on re-spawn implemented.

  9. Bouncing sprites as used in Eggoids have had their logic extended. They now bounce off objects.

  10. Test of a horizontally moving lift. Routine works (done only for curiosity).

  11. Some added rooms. e.g. The LAB, others changed to make sudden death less likely.

  12. A lot of sprites have been slowed down or removed to make movement easier.

  13. Bonus lives awarded for rooms visited and objects collected.

  14. Now built into the game is an extensive cheat which uses the Cartography Room to permit free movement around the game.

  15. Added to the cheat is the ability to stop the lives being decremented on death (lives cheat) … Both this and the room cheat will leave a visible marker on the screen if used.

  16. The game now only flicks through the new screens. All the hidden rooms and new rooms will be displayed. None of the original 60 rooms will be displayed… Only the few more rooms that I added… e.g. the 80 extra, giving a total of 140.

  17. Changed room compression routine. It was the change of the room compression routine the enabled the additions to the game.

  18. A mini maze is incorporated into the game. It is small, but should prove difficult to escape from. There is a very simple method of escaping.

Lots more but, but I have no idea if this is of any interest to you.

This JSW2+ routine still runs in the Spectrums original 48K.

Permission to publish was sought, and granted: thank you very much (repeat of link to JSW2+).

The cheat was explained.

Julian D. A. Wiseman
11th–12th November 2016

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