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PR-Squared in New Zealand: 1999 Election results

Julian D. A. Wiseman

Abstract: PR-Squared is a new electoral system, previously described in both the context of the United Kingdom and of New Zealand. This page updates with the results of the 1999 election the table in the previous NZ description.

Publication history: only here. Usual disclaimer and copyright terms apply.

[ This paper has been partially superseded by PR-Squared: A New Description, effective September 2001. ]

The following table shows the 1999 New Zealand General Election in detail:

PartyVotesVotes SquaredUnrounded seatsActual seats
Labour Party800,199640.32bn69.4370
National Party629,932396.81bn43.0343
ACT New Zealand145,49321.17bn2.302
Green Party106,56011.36bn1.231
New Zealand First Party87,9267.73bn0.841
Christian Heritage Party49,1542.42bn0.260
Future New Zealand23,0330.53bn0.060
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party22,6870.51bn0.060
United NZ11,0650.12bn0.010
(Uses party votes: assumes that, under PR-Squared, voters would have voted for the candidate from party for which they voted in 1999; and also assumes a total of 120 seats.)

The above table assumes a house of 120 MPs. In a house of 99 MPs, the unrounded totals would have been 57.28 / 35.50 / 2.29 / 1.89 / 1.02 / 0.69 / 0.22 / 0.05 / 0.05 / 0.01 (in the same order as the table), giving an actual seat allocation of Labour 57 / National 36 / Alliance 2 / ACT 2 / Green 1 / NZ 1st 1 / others 0, a Labour majority of 15.

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Julian D. A. Wiseman, February 2000

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